Socialoop places

Marketing your hospitality business just got a whole lot easier. Our platform gives you end to end clarity on marketing performance.

In just a few clicks, you can list your venue, control your profile and schedule promos and events across hundreds of apps.

Update your profile details: photos, social media, taglines, & contact.

One place to edit your profile on hundreds of apps.

Real time consumer data and behaviour in your area and in your place.

We show you your ROI by monitoring when our users convert into your customers.

Schedule your promos/events in advance to list across hundreds of apps automatically.

Monitor the uptake and performance of these in real time.

Send daily push messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices.

You have the attention of the most social people out there.

Gain feedback and find out what’s working / what’s not working from your customers.

This data is for your eyes only.

One loyalty system across multiple apps. You set the points and reward value and we show you how many new customers are converting to loyal customers.

Supercharge your marketing efforts. Get in the loop now:

socialoop apps

Do you have an idea for a social, dating or networking app? Our venue based social platform is the perfect foundation to build your dream for next to nothing.

Your Idea

Simply bring us your idea and we’ll give you the app to match. Much faster and much cheaper than building from scratch.

Our technology

Our flexible framework is pre-built to easily insert your branding and make your feature modifications.


Surprise yourself at how cheap we can make your vision a reality:

monetise your data

the socialoop api

Hook your app up to our API and instantly start earning revenue from our SociaLoop places by displaying their profile, promos & events.




Data Insights


Monetisation Methods


Want to start earning? You're in the right place!