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SociaLoop is the first marketing & analytics platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry

SociaLoop is the first marketing & analytics platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry

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Simplify your marketing activities

Control your marketing activities across hundreds of apps on one platform. One place to view marketing performance, customer footfall and ROI.

Monitor roi in real time

Immediately start monitoring footfall, customer insights and return on investment.

Measure success of promos & events

Advertise and test your promos and events and monitor the impact on footfall.

Target the right demographic

Send push messages and specific promos directly to the people of your choosing.

generate massive brand awareness

Promote your venue, events & promotions on an unlimited number of social apps.


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More to Discover

We have stuffed so many powerful tools into our platform, your competitive advantage will be unfair!


Simple Profile Set up & Edit

One place to list and manage your profile on hundreds of apps to reach thousands of users.

Update your; venue details, photos, social media links, website & contact details.

Promos & Events

Manage and schedule all of your promotions and events in one place.

Schedule ahead of time for the week ahead and monitor uptake & subsequent footfall LIVE.



Powerful data insights

Access our data insights about user demographics & activity in your area and in your place.

We use geolocation and a two stage verification to show you how many of our users are coming through your doors and crucially what return you are making on your SociaLoop marketing efforts.


Reward your customers with a simple loyalty solution. Transferrable across many apps with a simple, consistent redemption feature.

You control the points and rewards system, we ensure our users stay loyal to you!




Ask questions of our users to find out what works, and why your customers love you! Learn how to improve things or simply keep doing what you’re doing.

We will prompt our users to provide some feedback after they visit your place.

OK.. You’ve seen what we’ve got. Lets work together!


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£ 10 /mo

Venue Listed On 5 Apps
Update Venue Photos & Details
Area Stats
No Events Listing
No Promos Listing
No Push Messaging

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£ 250 /mo

Venue Listed On All Apps
Update Venue Photos & Details
Area Stats
Venue Stats
Customer Analytics
Daily Events Listing
Targeted Promos
Targeted Push Messaging
Loyalty Platform
Customer Reviews
Technical Support
Account Manager

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