About socialoop

Our mission is to make the world a more sociable place through our platform that enhances engagement & connections between consumers & businesses in the hospitality sector.

A holistic approach

SociaLoop creates unlimited value for both consumers & businesses in te hospitality space. This is driven by a powerful data loop and real world social activity.

We serve businesses through our Places SaaS product, consumers through our white-labelled app network and 3rd party apps through the SociaLoop API.

Data Insights

SociaLoop insights make data easily consumable & workable to increase customer engagement and foster learning & optimisation.

Custom Offerings

Customisable & targeted offerings give SociaLoop people 1000s of daily reasons to visit and engage with your business.

Valuable Experiences

People, places, promos & events combine to create valuable experiences that increase footfall & build loyalty.

Social Revolution

What do you get when you combine the above? A revolution of social activity powered by technology built to increase coherence between consumers & businesses.